Quokka Bottles

Modern water bottle for your home

Liqa Concept

Liqa Concept is a redesign of the Quokka Bottle brand, using The innovative UV-C-LED technology to purify your water in a natural way. The Liqa Quokka Bottles, come with the ability to recycle and purify your water, allowing you to always have fresh water a bottle away. The product consists of steel bottle, with a diameter of 80 mm and a height of 240 mm, with a capacity of 0.5 L.

The inside rubber coating contains chemicals that react with UV rays from the sun to eliminate harmful bacterial from the water, in short, Liqa Quokka Bottles are reusable. Liqa is about living a healthy, happy and flexible lifestyle, in unity with nature.

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Quokka Mock-up

The Design Process

My aim was to create UI designs that engaged the user and persuaded them to try out the new Liqa bottles. The design I came up with was a mixture of minimalism and flat design, with a dash of custom- made typography. My inspiration came from product websites like Apple and Samsung. In the end I designed a full e-commerce website together with the mobile app, mock-ups and prototypes. This design package is currently being pitched to Quokka Bottle Inc.