Findy UI

Find the best place to hangout.

Finding the 'hangout'

Findy* the one app that encourages you to get out into the world, take a tour of your city, find good hangout spots and explore nature as you go along

With Findy, you create a trip, add some goals to achieve by the end of that trip e.g take videos, buy souvenirs explore the surrounding locations. Findy will always remind you of your goals and encourage you to share your story with friends, or invite friends to your newly discovered hangout spot.

What I loved most about working on this project was the freedom to create the UI of this simple yet fun idea and also work on the android app development side of things. For the most part, I enjoyed wireframing different UI concepts and figuring out the most eloquent yet user-friendly and engaging design to construct, in the end, I settled for this design and went on to create prototypes.

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