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An authentic social media platform

Vace Media is looking to build an interactive digital media platform, which would enable celebrities and their fans to interact over live video. Viewers, who pay a participation fee of R5 or $3, are selected at random to have the opportunity to converse with a celebrity for a minute, after which another winner would be selected and be given the same opportunity.

This participation fee that viewers pay, essentially gives the user an access ticket to a live streaming, during which the viewer has the chance of conversing with a celebrity for a minute..

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It's all about design

Vace Media app design had a few challenges, firstly wasn't any real product definition to depend on as a general guide of the design process, secondly the user research was limited because of budget cuts and timeframes from the product owner. However the Vace Media team and I were able to create numerous wireframes and sketches using nothing but imagination and inspiration from competitor apps the likes of Instagram Live and Cameo.

In the end we circled back to the UX design process, we gathered a small team of volunteers and went through the user research and testing, correcting the wireframes and sketches we had originally designed after about 2 months of extensive designing, usability testing and prototyping, the team and I created the first version of Vace Media which caught the eye of 4 potential investors who quickly joined the team not long after seeing the prototypes at work. The team and I have now moved on to designing the internal dashboard system.

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